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Interior Designing Courses at INIFD Thane-Mulund

The philosophy we follow with our Interior Designing courses in Thane is that every inch of space deserves a beautiful transformation. INIFD Thane-Mulund is one of the leading Interior Design Institute in India and is proud to provide a range of courses to suit the needs of our student. The courses are of varying duration from one year to three years. Each year, a number of students pass with our course and are placed in the top Interior design companies of India. Our interior design courses Thane offers a wide understanding of the interior industry and gives the students the necessary knowledge to execute a full-fledged interior project by themselves.

All the interior designing courses in Thane commence with a basic understanding of the working of Interior industry and the students build up foundational skills like finding design sources and materials, history of art and architecture, fundamentals of graphics and the basics of design elements, design theory, colour theory and more concepts. You will also learn basic communication skills as well as we will hone your management proficiency when you learn at our interior designing courses in Mulund and Thane. Importantly, at this stage, you will become prolific at idea generation and basic execution.

Students moving towards the second year of the interior designing course will dive deeper into the history of Art and Architecture expanding your knowledge further. You will learn Interior Service systems like plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, security services and more. Further, you will be taught interior construction where you will learn about various components of a building and how it affects your interior plan. At this stage of the interior designing course, you will learn some advanced business correspondence skills as it is an integral part of becoming a professional interior designer from the INIFD Thane-Mulund.

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List of Interior Designing Courses



Foundation Program In Interior Designing

The foundation interior designing course will brief you with the fundamentals of the interior industry as well as walk you through various concepts of design and colour theory. It will provide the groundwork for you to step into the professional zone. Students with foundation certificate in the interior designing course can assist Interior professionals or pursue further studies.

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INIFD Advanced Program in Interior Designing

The advanced Interior Design course will dive deeper in spatial design and design process while giving you hands-on experience on real-life application of various tools. The course will focus on research methods and designing commercial spaces. Students with the two-year advanced program in the interior designing course will be able to secure a job at good interior design firms.

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INIFD Specialisation Program in Interior Designing

The three-year specialisation program in the interior designing course is for the students who want to become high-quality professionals in the Interior Design Industry. The students can specialise in various subjects of their interest and learn modern subjects like transformable spaces. Students with specialisation in the interior designing course can opt for jobs in their respective special field or open their own consultancy services.

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INIFD Super Specialisation Program in Interior Designing

This Super Specialisation program at INIFD Thane-Mulund is meant to prepare you at a global level so you can work with international companies. Here, you will be taught various practical subjects such as furniture design, concept development, exhibition design as well as theory on visual merchandising and communication skills. The students of this interior designing course will be able to work in various international companies.

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How many courses are there in interior designing?

INIFD Thane-Mulund has four interior designing course to choose from. Please visit our program page to know more.

What do you learn in the interior designing course?

In the INIFD Interior designing course in Thane, you learn each little aspect of spatial design from choosing materials, choosing your contractor to costing, colour theory and much more. You will mainly be learning design elements and how to plan every inch of space available.

Is interior designing course a good one?

Owing to the growing demand for polished homes and stylish spaces, Interior designing is a very lucrative field to work in, especially if you love designing and have a flair for art. Choose this interior designing course if you dislike cubicle work and like going from one place to another and work on your ideas.

How to pursue an interior designing course in India?

The eligibility criteria for Interior designing course in India is not very strict. In most cases, an undergraduate from any stream will be enough. You can also pursue interior designing courses after 12th board exams. Look for the courses you are most interested in and apply there. INIFD Thane-Mulund has a wide range of courses for you. You also have an option of doing part-time interior designing courses in Mulund centre.