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Fashion Designing Courses at INIFD Thane-Mulund

Learn, Innovate and Achieve- It’s the core life cycle of what defines our teaching methodology.

Becoming the best Fashion Designing institute has taken years of dedication and excellence for INIFD Thane-Mulund. We work hard to push forward each student of INIFD Thane-Mulund to become the best version of themselves and roll out with an excellent portfolio of work and a professional attitude towards their work.

The Fashion Designing courses in Mulund-Thane ranges from one year to three years, depending on the student’s preference. All courses start with a basic understanding of apparel designing such as fabric, pattern making, garment construction and illustrations. As you go forward, you learn to design and construct simple kids wear and women’s wear. At INIFD Thane-Mulund fashion designing You will learn design and colour principles and you will be encouraged to develop a sense of choosing the perfect combinations of colours, patterns and fabrics. You will learn elements and principles of design which is the core of any type of creative field.

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List of Fashion Designing Courses



Foundation Program In Fashion Designing

This fashion designing course will essentially build the basic-level skills in the students to get well-acquainted with the fashion industry. You will be equipped with the tools and techniques of basic garment constructions and a range of design concepts. We also have part-time fashion designing courses for working students. A student with foundation program certificate can start working asan assistant with a fashion designer or continue to study the next year.

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INIFD Advanced Program in Fashion Designing

This advanced level of fashion designing course will take you deeper into the design concepts and elements and incorporates essential garment designing and construction skills. You will get a deeper insight into the history of garments as well as learn modern techniques like CAD software. A second-year graduate of fashion designing course can start working as a designer, open a brand of their own or continue to pursue a professional program.

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INIFD Specialisation Program in Fashion Designing

Students of 3-year Specialisation program of this fashion designing course will learn advanced methods of couture tailoring, creative embroidery and embellishment and more. They will learn design development along with retail marketing with visual merchandising. A certified Specialisation student of fashion designing course can operate as a fully-professional fashion designer and work with brands of their choice.

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INIFD Super Specialisation Program in Fashion Designing

This is a two-year M.Sc. fashion designing course where students will gain theoretical knowledge of specialised subjects and gain practical experience in various core subjects. You will learn Garment techniques, illustrations, textiles, draping, media and communication as well as you will have a project dissertation. This fashion designing course will fast-track your learning and give you the necessary lessons to start your career.

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Can we avail placements after the completion of the course?

INIFD Thane-Mulund students get placed at known companies within six months of the course completion. We will guide you through the placement process however the students will have to do the necessary preparation and attend interviews.

How many types of fashion designing courses are there?

We have four types of fashion designing courses ranging from one year to three years along with some part-time fashion designing courses in Thane centre. To know more, please check our courses details.

How to get admissions for fashion designing course?

First, visit our INIFD Thane-Mulund centre and get in touch with our student counsellor. After deciding the course, submit your documents along with the admission form and make your fee payment. The administration will guide you throughout the process.

Is fashion designing course a tough one?

It is a creative course and the difficulty level will depend on the student’s understanding of art and creative capability. Technically, the course is quite easy, but it will surely depend on the efforts you are putting in. You can easily do fashion designing courses after 12th.

What are the best fashion designing courses?

According to your preferences, you may opt for a one year to three years course. We recommend that you contact our student counsellor and evaluate the best course for you.

What is the scope of Fashion Design?

Once you do the Fashion Designing Course from INIFD Thane-Mulund, you can work as a professional fashion designer at the fashion houses of your choice or open your own fashion studio.